About Me

Are you into wellness? Fitness? Living a more natural lifestyle? Well, welcome to my site!

My name is Andrea and I’m a wife, an oily momma of two and a woman on a journey to better my health, my fitness and the life of my family.

My wellness journey as a mom is absolutely aimed at feeling as good as I felt before I had kids. That was 2012. And it’s been a long road. Being what I called “forever pregnant and nursing” with 2 kids who are 20 months apart plus 9 months of pregnancy x2. As resilient as I thought my body might be at only 30, I knew that by being back at my pre pregnancy weight, getting more than decent sleep, having a very active lifestyle, eating mostly healthy (come on who doesn’t go back for seconds sometimes?!) and exercising regularly… I should not have felt so bad! But I did. I felt terrible.

After a horrendous year and a half of dealing with Mirena and the insane aftermath that has been coined the “Mirena Crash”, (no one ever tells you about it, it’s real, and you can read about here) as well as a few courses of antibiotics (Flagyl and Diflucan) that utterly destroyed me (because of Mirena), I’d finally hit rock bottom and was at the point of seeking MORE medical help because I didn’t know if I could really cope anymore.  I had anxiety, dizziness, massive brain fog, PMDD symptoms and extreme fatigue — all caused by out of wack hormones, thanks Mirena. But being strong willed and more holistically leaning for my personal health, I knew I didn’t want to go the synthetic route if I could help it.

I consulted some of my wellness momma friends and decided to jumped in and commit to my own wellness.I’ve never been someone to consistently take her vitamins, but I knew something had to give! With some determination, dedication, trust in my body, old me and awesome mom came back quicker than I ever expected.

So, on my site you’ll find resources and advice for living a better, healthier, happier and cleaner life!

Disclaimer: If you feel at all like you cannot cope with daily life and it is completely unmanageable, please seek immediate medical help. I am not encouraging any person to bypass seeking medical treatment. I am not a doctor and nothing posted herein should be deemed as medical advice.


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